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Contrail project Contrail project

Contrail was a Cloud Federation computing project that ran from 2010-10-01 until 2014-01-31. This website summarizes the results and activities of the project. Please remember that the longer the project has passed, the less relevant the information will be. Most of the software is further developed in other projects. In most cases, the software components web sites are a good starting point for further investigation.

For a quick overview download the Contrail Flyer   (3 Mbyte) or the infographic (16 Mbyte).

For a 50 page summary  of the Contrail technology, download the White Paper (15 Mbyte)

The latest software release can be downloaded from  OW2 

ConSec ConSec


The aim of ConSec is to provide a means for users to use external identities to authenticate to service providers: any acceptable external identity can be used to identify users to any internal service managed by the federation.

The user thus gets single sign-on: this means that an identity used for other purposes can be used with any federation resource, and, that, depending on the timing and technology used, the user will only need to log in once.

Learn more about ConSec Learn more about ConSec

  • ConSec description on Contrail portal
  • ConSec Flyer

A video interview with ConSec architect Jens Jensen.

ConSec training ConSec training

  • Recording of ConSec training presentation.
  • Presentation slides

ConPaaS ConPaaS

Contrail's PaaS component ConPaaS provides a zero-configuration running and load-balancing of a set of applications and databases. You can compose your complex application out of these basic building blocks.

ConPaaS today runs on top of Amazon EC2 and OpenNebula based clouds and Contrail federated clouds. To use ConPaaS, you need to install the ConPaaS user portal only once. For EC2, ConPaaS AMIs are being provided, for OpenNebula clouds, VM images can be built easily following the provided scripts.

Learn more about ConPaaS Learn more about ConPaaS

  • ConPaaS description on the Contrail Portal
  • ConPaaS flyer
  • ConPaaS web site

ConPaaS explained in two minutes by Thilo Kielmann.

ConPaaS training ConPaaS training


  • Recording of a ConPaaS Architecture presentation.
  • Recordings of ConPaaS workshop presentations
  • Presentation slides from ConPaaS workshop

XtreemFS XtreemFS

XtreemFS is a secure and fault-tolerant file system for the cloud. It has been designed to store peta-scale data volumes across large numbers of distributed servers, while it behaves like a local file system with POSIX semantics from a user's point of view.

XtreemFS has been specifically tailored to the use in cloud computing environments. The modular design makes it possible to start with a small-scale installation and scale it out when necessary.

Learn more about XtreemFS Learn more about XtreemFS

  • XtreemFS description on the Contrail portal
  • XtreemFS Flyer
  • XtreemFS web site

A short demo of XtreemFS in action

XtreemFS training XtreemFS training

  • Recording of an XtreemFS training session
  • Presentation slides for the XtreemFS training  .


VEP is a cloud middleware software that interfaces multiple Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) clouds and presents end-users with an interface facilitating easy deployment and application life cycle management of distributed applications made up of several inter-networked virtual machines.

Applications to be deployed are described using DMTF's Open Virtualization Format (version 1.1.0) standard. The software allows the deployment of any standard OVF application and full lifecycle management of the application after deployment until its termination on the provider's cloud.

Learn more about VEP Learn more about VEP

  • VEP on the Contrail portal
  • VEP web site

20 minutes presentation on Contrail and VEP

VEP training VEP training

  • Recording of a VEP training session
  • Slides of the VEP training presentation

Demonstrator Demonstrator

In a real production scenario, almost all critical aspects of the technology developed by Contrail have been tested under heavy load conditions, and information on performance, scalability, security, and usability issues collected and reported so that corrective actions and fine tuning of the Contrail framework can be accomplished.  A Multimedia Marketplace has been chosen as the "Demonstrator".

A Demonstrator Environment has been set up and linked from the Contrail public portal, where interested users can find relevant information, and run the Demonstrator.

Learn more about the Contrail Demonstrator Learn more about the Contrail Demonstrator

  • The Demonstrator on the Contrail portal

Gregor Pipan explains why XLAB - an SME - is using Contrail.

Demonstrator training Demonstrator training

(use "ssa" to view)

  • Recording of a Demonstrator training presentation (use "ssa" to view)
  • Presentation slides

Acknowledgement Acknowledgement

Contrail is a project managed by the Contrail consortium. Contrail is partially funded by the FP7  Programme of the European Commission under Grant Agreement FP7-ICT-257438.

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