[contrail virtual infrastructure network | vin]

Cloud issues addressed

In today's Clouds, hardware systems are virtualized into Virtual Machines (VMs). The networking addresses for these Virtual Machines are provided by the resources providers, e.g. the Cloud providers. When federating multiple resources from multiple Cloud providers, also the networking has to be abstracted - virtualized - as do the resource providers. An important feature is the isolation and compartmentalization of the applications.

Contrail's Solution

VIN integration in the Contrail software stack serves as enabler for other Contrail components. It virtualizes the network and the resource providers, generating a virtualized infrastructure. The Virtual Infrastructure Network allows authenticated and encrypted communication via IPSec and the possibility to choose the level of protection. Virtual networks are dynamically created per user/application and contain a control network. Also the VIN serves within a Cloud and extends to other infrastructures (for Cloud federation), to a global autonomous file system (Contrail XtreemFS), and to external machines.

  • Integration with VEP,
  • XtreemFS,
  • Security prototypes

VIN is an integrated part of the Contrail infrastructure, connecting virtual machines under control of VEP and the Contrail security services, with XtreemFS and external machines.