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BoF session

Join the Birds-of-a-Feather-Session: Interoperability in Scientific Cloud Federations:

Session leaders: Christine Morin, Kate Keahey, Yvon Jegou, Roberto Cascellla

The uptake of cloud computing has as major obstacle in the heterogeneity of hardware and software, which make difficult the portability of applications and services. Interoperability among cloud providers is the only way to avoid vendor lock-in and open the way toward a more competitive market. Interoperability can be achieved either by using open standards and protocols or by a middleware service to adapt the application/service to a specific cloud provider. The audience will be guided through the major challenges for interoperability from the IaaS to PaaS model and discuss the potential approaches for the interoperability in scientific cloud federations.

Contrail persons present

Christine Morin, Yvon Jegou,  Roberto Cascellla