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VEP 2.1 has been released

The VEP team is proud to announce VEP v2.1 (download link here ), a new version replacing the old one (v2.0) adding new features and fixing the known bugs. The supported features are:

  • OpenNebula: VEP allows to manage a OpenNebula Cloud System offering a completely transparent interface
  • Open Standard support: VEP respects the DTMF OVF and CIMI standards
  • Data centre representation: VEP stores the provider datacenter layout to enforce some SLA requirements
  • Physical resource allocation and resource provisioning for end user’s applications
  • Easy interfaces: easy browser based cloud administrator and end-user application management interfaces
  • VM Scheduling: the new VEP scheduler is independent from the IaaS Scheduler to allow placement constraints on the resources
  • Advance Reservation: VEP allows to reserve a number of VMs from a start date to an end date to guarantee the deployment (in addition to run an application in best effort mode)
  • Web User Interface: VEP provides an easy web interface where the user can improve his experience using the special tool
  • Remote Storage: VEP allows to create remote storage using GAFS or to mount an already existing storage
  • OAuth Support: VEP includes an OAuth client to retrieve a delegated certificate to use inside the created VMs

An Installation Guide and a User Guide is available at the VEP project site (