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Contrail live at OpenStack Summit with presentation and demo

On April 15, 2013 Contrail partner XLAB offered a presentation and demo at the OpenStack Summit in Portland, Oregon, USA. The focus of the talk was the explanation of Contrail's idea, that it is a tightly integrated open source  software stack including a comprehensive set of system, runtime and high level services providing standardized interfaces for supporting cooperation and resource sharing over Cloud federations. After the talk there was some interest expressed from the audience of around fifty people attending the talk, mainly regarding the support for advanced SLA terms in the deployment of applications through the Contrail portal. Luka Zakrajsek from Koofr also presented the idea of Koofr and how it could help with its hybrid cloud storage API as a provider of image-storage provider. The live demonstration of Koofr went flawlessly. More details are available at