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Contrail 1.2 Release Notes

This document contains the release notes for Contrail version 1.2. The following sections describe the release in detail and provide other information that supplements the main documentation linked at the end.

This is an early access release for wide evaluation and usage. Your feedback is important to us, please help make this the best product possible. Contrail develops an integrated approach to virtualization, offering Infrastructure as a Service services (IaaS), services for federating IaaS clouds and Contrail Platform as a Service services (ConPaaS) on top of federated clouds.

The aim of the project is designing, implementing, evaluating and promoting an open source computational cloud wherein users can limitlessly share resources.

This is the third public release of the software stack and is thus targeted to the researchers and technology enthusiasts. It extends the functionalities of previous public releases.

The software was released on 16th April 2013.

What's new in the release?

- SLA Manager on the provider level,
- Virtual Infrastructure Network (VIN),
- Federation updates to reflect additional functionality (SLA and VIN support)
- Updates have been made to the security part as well, adding basic OAuth 2.0 functionality.

A Cloud administrator now can offer basic SLA functionalities at the provider level on top of the deployment of applications on a data center. Virtual networks are also possible with proper OVFs. Security has been improved with an enhanced CA service and integration of delegation mechanisms supporting OAuth2 standard. This release of the Contrail software stack only indicates some basic workflow of SLA passing between the federation and the provider. The release serves as a basis for the next one, which will provide the API functionality of current release directly to the user.

Installation Notes


See the Installation Guide [1] for full details. Please look at the Administration Guide [2] for further administration details.

We currently support the following systems:

- Debian 6.0
- Ubuntu 11.04
- Ubuntu 11.10
- Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

Software requirements:

- current version supports virtualization on OpenNebula clusters only.

The User's Guide [3] describes the basic usage and functionality of the system.

For contact and any help, please send an e-mail to the

Contrail Consortium

[1] Installation Guide:
[2] Administration Guide:
[3] User's Guide: