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Administrators of Cloud providers, Cloud users who require a distributed, replicated file system for their Cloud applications.


Experience with Linux and basic knowledge in computer networks in order to install and configure the GAFS/XtreemFS server and client packages.


How to set up a basic GAFS/XtreemFS installation. How to enable the replication of all GAFS/XtreemFS services. How to use GAFS/XtreemFS as VM image repository in OpenNebula. The XtreemFS software has been developed since 2006 and is now used in the Contrail project. Contrail will try to reuse XtreemFS project's documentation online as well as printed formats and will be embedded in the Contrail project portal.


Most things will be written down in the manual pages of the software and the XtreemFS user guide on the website (www.xtreemfs.org). This user guide will be complemented by short "How-Tos" (e.g. a Quickstart how to install XtreemFS), a FAQ section and articles in the XtreemFS blog. Moreover, videos demonstrating features and usage of XtreemFS/GAFS will be kept up-to-date on YouTube. On the XtreemFS mailing list, GAFS developers will give continuous support as well as answer theoretical and practical questions about GAFS.