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Cloud issues addressed

Today's Clouds all run in isolation. Combining services from several Clouds has to be done by hand, by writing scripts that are difficult to maintain. Credentials have to be entered many times, as each Cloud has different authentication procedures. Combining different services automatically would give flexibility to users to customize the Cloud according to their business needs.

Both Cloud providers and their users would really be pleased to use the Cloud with one identity, having Cloud capacity made to measure, dynamically scaled to suit the tasks and with automatic SLA management. And it would drastically boost the use of Cloud solutions.

But it can't be done yet. It's not a homogenous Cloud we're dealing with. The Cloud is as versatile as you can imagine. Deploying in the current Cloud needs customization to various providers and users unavoidably get entangled in commitments to particular providers, that lock them in for strategic purposes. Within the context of evolving Cloud technology this market situation impedes the desirable evolution to a common, integrated Cloud.

Ideally, one could merge all Clouds, allowing for individual providers' business models and yet coordinate SLA management provided by single Cloud providers. It would be a federated Cloud and it is at hand.

Contrail's Solution

Contrail enables interoperability amongst Cloud providers. The best provider for the job, according to the requirements and type of application, is dynamically chosen and for any one job, providers can be combined. Operations can be migrated, scaled and secured. And with all this the Contrail federation also handles SLA management. Contrail turns multiple heterogeneous Clouds into one federated Cloud that can be exploited as a single Cloud.

Contrail federation provides the following functionality:

  • Dynamical match between job and provider(s)
  • Deployment in time and at runtime
  • Allowing provider collaboration
  • Migration and elasticity
  • Security and privacy framework
  • Quality of Service: Minimal SLA support
  • SLA, Quality of Protection and other
  • Provider selection and integration
  • Enforced mechanisms
  • Interoperability
  • Federation as a mediator and a 3rd party for security and SLA management
  • Basic adapters for XtreemFS, SLA, VEP and VIN.
  • Runtime state watcher image manager - complete version
  • Complete SLA support
  • Complete adapters for: SLA, XtreemFS, provisioning manager (PM), and VIN full PaaS support

Federating the Cloud with Contrail will lower the barriers for Cloud providers, big or small, and Cloud users alike and greatly improve usability and reliability.

More information

  • Documentation: CONTRAILSCHOOL-Cloud_Federations.pdf