Contrail Business day Contrail Business day


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Cloud computing for infrastructures is entering a transition stage in which the hype makes place for reality checks. The initial enthusiasm now leaves companies with questions about the real value of cloud computing offer satisfying business-like requirements. Avoiding vendor lock-in, combining private and public clouds,creating a single sign on and identity management are important features to enrich the offer and to smash the perceived barrier to more widespread cloud computing. SLA support and application management in federated Clouds are not yet readily available but they are the key to open new opportunities for companies' usage of the Cloud.

The Contrail Cloud Computing Business day will address these topics. The business day will feature an in-depth overview of the current state of Cloud computing. In addition the business day is meant to present and demonstrate a number of results, achieved in the European Contrail project, that address some of the Cloud computing issues faced by Cloud users.

The European Contrail project addresses the Cloud computing market with IaaS solutions to guarantee interoperability in a Cloud federation and to deploy distributed applications and PaaS services over a federation of heterogeneous Cloud providers. Contrail provides SLA support for business quality Cloud services offering the possibility to negotiate performance and security guarantees.
The Event, a collaboration between the Contrail project and Hewlett-Packard Italiana, includes Contrail speeches and a demo.

Participation is free, registration is required.