Training Module -  ConPaaS Training Module - ConPaaS


1 Open source communities
2 Research communities
3 Industry.

The actual audiences will consist of software developers that are looking at integrating ConPaaS into other software stacks. It will also include persons that are evaluating ConPaaS for future use. This includes operators of Cloud/Grid infrastructures, and SME's looking at innovative technologies.


Have access to EC2 or OpenNebula Cloud. Basic OpenNebula or Amazon EC2 knowledge. Web application.


Cloud computing offers a very flexible and cost-effective environment for hosting demanding applications. However, making use of these advanced functionalities can be tedious and error-prone: application developers must therefore handle the complexity of deploying applications composed of many inter-related components, implementing automatic resource provisioning, orchestrating application reconfigurations such that users do not notice any downtime, developing fault-tolerance mechanisms, etc. This presentation will introduce ConPaaS, an open-source runtime environment for hosting applications in the cloud which aims at offering the full power of the cloud to application developers while shielding them from the associated complexity of the cloud. ConPaaS is designed to host both high-performance scientific applications and online Web applications. It automates the entire life-cycle of an application, including collaborative development, deployment, performance monitoring, and automatic scaling. Finally, it runs on a variety of public and private clouds, and is easily extensible. This allows developers to focus their attention on application-specific concerns rather than on cloud-specific details.


Background: the problem of Cloud management.
ConPaaS dashboard
Managing Web server PaaS with ConPaaS
Configuring ConPaas. Add EC2 credentials. Configuring with OpenNebula
The  internal structure  and code of ConPaaS  (optional)
Integrate ConPaaS in federated Clouds.



Hands-on session material:

Online video of presentation about Contrail ConPaaS  video 1 and video 2


Presentation: 1h. hands-on session: 2h.