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Contrail has announced the Release 1.3 of its software stack. We expect it will evolve quickly over the coming months. Please check in regularly to see the progress and changes.

Contrail is developed as Open Source Software, using the OW2. More information  on our Open Source activity in the Development Platform section.

Status: Contrail Release 1.3 announced  on October  7, 2013.

Status: Contrail Release 1.2 announced  on April  16, 2013. Early access release

Status: Contrail Release 1.1 announced  on October  23, 2012. Beta release

Status: Contrail Release 1 released on May 15,2012. Alpha release

User information:  Contrail Software documentation.

Development information:  Contrail Software development

Support information: E-mail support and Issue tracker

Contrail PaaS (ConPaas) - Platform as a service

A Platform-as-a-service software stack that supports  task farming (Bag-of-tasks), distributed web servers (PHP, Servlets) and Cloud based databases (NoSQL). It will support PaaS federation in Contrail release 2.0.

Status: ConPaaS version 1.4.0  has been released.

This release is different from previous ones in that it is a preliminary version meant as a technology preview. This version has not been fully tested so it is not suitable for production usage. For production usage the team suggests using ConPaaS-1.3.1.

User information:  ConPaas.

Development/Source:  ConPaaS SVN

ConFederation - Contrail Federation

The Contrail Federation integrates in a common platform multiple Clouds, of public and private kind. User identities, data, and resources are interoperable within the federation, thanks to:
    •    common support for authentication and authorization
    •    common mechanisms for policy definition, monitoring, and enforcing of all aspects of QoS : SLA, QoP, etc.
    •    a common economic model

Status:  Software part of Contrail release 1.0.

Development/Source: Contrail Federation SVN


Contrail XtreemFS - Cloud filesystem

A distributed Cloud filesystem. Development started in XtreemOS, named "XtreemFS", now it is further developed in Contrail.

Status: XtreemFS software is available. Federation integration is part of Contrail release 1.0.

User information:  XtreemFS page.

Development/Source:  XtreemFS developers site


Contrail VEP (Virtual Execution Platform)

Contrail VEP allows the participation of a cloud service provider in the Contrail cloud federation. It allows deployment and full life-cycle management of an OVF application honoring the negotiated SLA (service level agreements) and the QoP (quality of protection) restrictions. It provides mechanism to support application's elasticity and provides monitoring data for verification and SLA enforcement.

Status: VEP version 2.1 has been released

Information: VEP Documentation

Development/Source: VEP development